Current Projects

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs

IPM is a comprehensive approach to pest management for the agricultural community. It considers pest life cycles, reproductive behaviors, and their interaction with the environment to better control pests and reduce the use of pesticides.

Tree Fruit Scouting

Overview: This program provides participating tree fruit producers in Suffolk County with pest traps, mating disruption ties, and in-season pest scouting reports from a Program technician. Pest traps allow for monitoring of which pest are present and in what numbers at any given point during the season. Mating disruption ties are distributed throughout orchards, utilizing pheromones for pest control. Pest scouting reports are sent weekly to growers, informing them of current pest issues so they know what and when to spray for, for more effective pest control. This program helps reduce the number of pesticide applications made by growers during the season.

IPM Tree Fruit lure trap

Nutrient Management programs

Soil Health testing services

Overview: This program aims to provide soil health testing services to local farmers interested in monitoring and managing their farms overall soil health over time. Standard soil tests provide farmers with basic soil nutrient information for fertilizer recommendations, whereas soil health tests provide information on the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil. Soil health is a more comprehensive and holistic view of soil, emphasizing all components of the soil system. By offering soil health testing services to Suffolk County farmers we are gaining a better understanding of exiting soil conditions, which will allow us to monitor changes over time and provide better management recommendations for farmers. This project is in collaboration with Suffolk County Soil and Water Conservation District (SC – SWCD)

sample of soil

Northeast SARE funded study aims to investigate the effects of biochar on nutrient availability and water retention in field and container nursery production on Long Island. 

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Friends of Long Island Horticulture awarded grant project: work currently being done at LIHREC

Controlling weeds in between vegetable beds is a challenge for both organic and conventional farmers. If herbicide use and tillage practices could be reduced while maintaining effective weed control the net benefits would be great for vegetable farmers. This project aims to evaluate cover crops grown in-between rows of vegetables planted on black plastic mulch for weed and pest control and enhanced soil quality.


Soil Health Equipment Loan Program

Overview: This program assists farmers in conserving and improving the health of Suffolk County’s soils for the long-term by covering the costs of purchasing and maintaining conservation oriented agricultural equipment. It aims to promote greater adoption of agricultural best management practices among Suffolk County farmers. This program is in partnership with the Suffolk County Soil and Water Conservation District (SC – SWCD)

Reduce Tillage Equipment

Last updated January 27, 2022