Current Events in the Vineyard

The ' Research Vineyard' - This page will provide updates on the Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center vineyard in Riverhead, NY.  LIHREC is a Cornell University facility that houses both university staff as well as specialists from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County. We maintain a 2-acre vineyard at LIHREC which includes a variety trial and a smaller Chardonnay and Merlot vineyard used for experiments such as under-vine cover crops.

Spring 2018

Native Pink Spotted Lady Beetles (Coleomegilla maculata) like to overwinter on our rootstock vines. These beneficial insects feed on aphids, mites, insect eggs, small larvae and even plant pollen. They are of no concern to grapes. During the colder months the lady beetles gather in large numbers (50+) at the base of trunks. This photo was taken on a warm spring day, when the Lady Beetles were very active. Most had already flown off and were feeding on the pollen of nearby Dandelions.

Winter 2018

Snow drifts in the LIHREC research vineyard after the January 4th blizzard.

Fall 2017

Harvest time in one of the Fescue trials.

Collecting data for the Anti-transpirant trial.

Collecting soil samples in one of our Fescue trials.

Summer 2017

Taking a pressure chamber reading. 

Spring 2017

Well Established Fescue Growing Under the Trellis -  After seeding Fescue takes a little time to become established. The Fescue in the photo above was planted about two years ago.

This Fescue was seeded last spring, it still needs a little more time to become established.

Taking shoot measurements in one of our Fescue plots.

Planting Regent.

Winter 2017

Alice pruning Merlot


Alice Wise
Viticulture Research

Last updated May 17, 2018