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POSTPONED: Spring Gardening School 2020

  • Saturday, April 25, 2020, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


I’ve attended Spring Gardening School for the last fifteen years, including as the High Line keynote speaker. Seeing gardeners navigating the halls from a session on pruning to a workshop on bonsai is sheer delight every year.

Now, in my new position at Cornell, I was pleased that the 2020 April 25 event was on target to deliver what it promised: a packed day of terrific sessions, a plant sale, raffles and other prizes. Your response was impressive as many classes topped 50 in registration.Well done! Clearly, Spring Gardening School is a much beloved rite of spring.

None of us could have foreseen the global health pandemic that mandates social distancing. Too, we no longer have access to the school hosting our event. Spring Gardening School is postponed.

How to make the best of the current situation?

By postponing Spring Gardening School until this fall, we offer you a chance to participate in a full day of gardening classes later this year.Your registration fees have been received and processed. Thank you!We hope to replicate the schedule to the extent we can. When we secure a date and a venue, you will be contacted.Details will also be on the CCE Suffolk website.

Should you be unable to join us once you know the new date, request your refund at that time .

It’s tempting to ask questions now about the rescheduled date and location. As much as we’d love to answer these, we simply don’t know. We’re grateful for your understanding.

What we do know.

The April 1 st fee request deadline is suspended. A full refund may be requested AT ANY TIME until October 1st.

Directions for a refund

Please email us for a refund request via a NEW email address dedicated to Spring Gardening School: In your email, include your name and street/mailing address where the refund should be sent. Your last name in the email subject line makes it easier to keep track of your request.

Be advised. Cornell offices are closed. We regret we can’t respond via phones as these are not equipped for remote retrieval. Your request will take considerable time to process.Sarah Osborn will do her best to serve you via the NEW email address.

A friendly suggestion.

Consider gardening as therapy in these times. If anyone needs a gardening Rx, consider this note a prescription to get started with a remedy familiar to those of us who love to get our hands dirty.

This might be an ideal time to plan a bountiful summer garden. Maybe a time for trimming that hedge, weeding a bed, turning the compost pile or growing microgreens in the kitchen.

Our talented Horticulture Diagnostic Lab staff is still on the job working remotely to answer your gardening questions via email.Please contact Alice Raimondo ( or Sandra Vultaggio ( with your questions about vegetable gardens, hydrangeas, Long Island Gold Medal Plants, lawns or bugs.

And take a peek at the impressive collection of curated gardening videos shared from the American Horticultural Society . You’ll learn about the tomato varieties best suited for containers, how to prune hydrangea, and which plants are best for pollinators.

I look forward to seeing you in the fall.


Roxanne Zimmer
Community Horticulture
CCE Suffolk


Roxanne Zimmer
Community Horticulture Specialist
631-727-7850 x 225

Last updated March 23, 2020