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Winter Hort Webinar Series: Soil Health

  • Thursday, February 18, 2021, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Carbon- the Building Block of Healthy Soil

Deborah Aller, Ph.D., Agricultural Stewardship Specialist, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County

Why is carbon so important? Why are soils that are rich in carbon healthier than those containing less carbon? This presentation will cover why carbon is critical for soil functioning, how to build carbon in garden and landscape soils, and why more soil carbon can mean fewer external inputs and healthier, more productive landscapes.

Managing Soil Compaction in Turfgrass

Nick Menchyk, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Farmingdale State College

This presentation will offer an overview of turf-focused best management practices to remedy compacted soils. The seminar will examine research-based strategies to improve soil performance while improving turf health.

The Effect of Pesticides on Soil Microbial Populations

Tamson Yeh, Ph.D., Pest Management/Turf Specialist, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County

The use of fungicides, bactericides, and other pesticide products, including minimum risk products, are commonplace in landscape management. This presentation will discuss the effect of continual use of these products on soil microbial populations and how to offset any deleterious effects.

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