NAP SACC Success Story: Bay Area Head Start

The Bay Area Head Start Center completed their NAP SACC training on November 26, 2013. Carol L. Smith, the center manager, rallied her staff and parents to not only attend the NAP SACC trainings but additional workshops on nutrition, physical activity, media reduction and special training on how to successfully introduce new foods to young children as well. The parent workshops were offered in Spanish and English.

After completing the NAP SACC program the center now has drinking water visible and easily accessible by children. The water filters and child sized pitchers we provided have increased the amount of water children are drinking because they prefer the taste of the filtered water.

The center has worked hard to increase the amount of active play time provided to children by getting creative and incorporating lessons into their play time outdoors. The children have begun taking weather walks where they walk in different types of weather and make observations such as: Today it is windy and the leaves are falling down. When they return to their classrooms they discuss what they experienced in their walk.

At the one year mark after completing their training this center has reported that they are offering new classes for the parents on how to eat healthy, exercise and tips on turning off the TV. Carol L. Smith has summed up the whole experience by saying, “The NAP SACC program has inspired our center to face changes with new expectations!”

Last updated December 16, 2014