NAP SACC Success Story: East End Kids Academy

East End Kids Academy, located in Manorville, completed the NAP SACC program in 2014 with great success.Their main focus was to raise awareness and improve knowledge among staff, parents and the children in the areas of healthy eating, moving more and managing screen time.This was accomplished with an intensive educational campaign that included staff trainings, hanging posters in the center, sending handouts home with parents, posting resources on the bulletin boards and including articles in monthly newsletters as well as presenting a parent education program.

One of the changes the center made was to their Thanksgiving celebration.Traditionally they have offered chicken nuggets with French fries, a roll, applesauce and juice.Now they offer rolled turkey breast, a vegetable platter (shaped like a turkey) whole wheat rolls, applesauce and juice or water and report that the children love the changes.


Kerri Kreh Reda
Child Development Educator
631-727-7850 x 331

Last updated December 16, 2014