NAP SACC Success Story: HabiTots Preschool and Child Care Center

HabiTots Preschool and Child Care Center in both Medford and Middle Island participated in the NAP SACC program.Each site was successful in making dietary changes to improve the health of the children that attend such as decreasing the number of beef servings, incorporating whole grains into snack offerings and providing healthier breakfast options such as whole grain cereals, muffins and bagels as well as fresh fruit.In addition, a physical activity policy and media use policy were created and the existing nutrition policy was strengthened.These policies are distributed to all staff and parents and enforced.The director reports that the staff is much more conscience of all that is done around nutrition and activity and they are raising parental awareness.Two additional changes that have taken place are that birthdays and holidays are now being celebrated without sweets and the village is being used for more structured physical activity.


Kerri Kreh Reda
Child Development Educator
631-727-7850 x 331

Last updated December 16, 2014