NAP SACC Success Story: Kid Esteem

Kid Esteem Montessori School located in Lindenhurst completed the NAP SACC program in the spring of 2012.Erica Stang, the schools Community Connection Coordinator reported that participating in the NAP SACC program was a very positive experience and that it brought so much focus to the issues of nutrition and movement.Marianne Chasen, school Principal, immediately saw an increase in physical activity being incorporated into the classroom by the staff.

Success Stories:

In honor of National Nutrition Month (March), the staff at Kid Esteem decided to use the “eat a rainbow” theme to study and sample fruits and vegetables categorized by color.A schedule was created so that each color of the rainbow had its own day.The kids wore the color of the day and sampled fruits and vegetables of that color as well.In addition, the staff planned a field trip to the local grocery store for the children to learn about local and non-local produce.

Kid Esteem has incorporated more movement into the program by adding dancing to their pajama party and jumping, counting beats and twister into their math night, now called “Math in Motion”, as a way for children to learn math skills.In addition, Kid Esteem has been hosting monthly healthy cooking classes for their students where the children enjoyed creating whole gran healthy snacks.

The staff at Kid Esteem also worked hard to involve families in the changes being made at school.A parent committee was formed to create a small garden in a section of the playground and a parent education night was well attended.


Kerri Kreh Reda
Child Development Educator
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Last updated December 16, 2014