NAP SACC Success Story: Kiddie Kampus of Medford

Kiddie Kampus of Medford completed their NAP SACC program in July 2014. Rachel Norton, the center director, demonstrated excellent leadership abilities as she guided her staff, parents and children through the requirements needed to complete the program and reach their desired goals.

As a result of having undergone these trainings the center has made the following changes in the area of nutrition: improved the nutritional quality of snacks served at the center and educated the parents so they are now bringing in healthier meals and snacks for their children. The center has also increased the water intake of the children since we provided the center with a water cooler for serving water during outside playtimes and child sized pitchers that enabled the children to serve themselves water while they are indoors. A water filter for their kitchen faucet was also provided to ensure that the center is offering clean filtered water to the children. In the area of physical activity the center has worked to increase parental awareness of the importance of physical activity and has increased the amount of time allotted for physical activity both indoors and outside the classrooms by 83%. Kiddie Kampus worked with the NAP SACC Consultant to develop new written policies for the center on nutrition, physical activity and media use. These new policies are prominently displayed, enforced and available to all the parents and staff. The center now has guidelines for how they will celebrate holidays and special occasions with the children in healthier ways.

Kiddie Kampus has taken small steps to make great strides in reducing the risk of serious health problems for the children in their care.


Dinah Torres-Castro
Bilingual Family Health Educator
631-727-7850 x 351

Last updated December 16, 2014