NAP SACC Success Story: Marks of Excellence

Marks of Excellence located in Amityville completed the NAP SACC program in March of 2012.The staff reported that the program helped them think of new things to do with the children and that the children enjoyed all the movement.

Success Stories:

In addition to increasing activity in the classroom, the staff at Marks of Excellence had success with family style meals and snacks in their four year old classroom.They have worked hard to change the way they communicate with the children about food; being careful to encourage the children to try new things but not being to forceful.

A wider variety of fruits and vegetables are now being offered.The new offerings include: watermelon, honey dew melon, oranges, string beans, peas, mixed vegetables, corn, carrots, cucumbers, salad, apple slices, apple sauce, bananas, and cantaloupe.

Water is now offered at every meal and snack and juice consumption has been reduced.

Marks of Excellence also worked to strengthen their existing nutrition policy.


Kerri Kreh Reda
Child Development Educator
631-727-7850 x 331

Last updated December 16, 2014