NAP SACC Success Story: Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars Preschool located in Ridge has successfully completed the NAP SACC training.Dawn Villacci-Dorsa said “what an excellent program, it’s educational, enlightening, such a positive enrichment for our children, families and program.” Reach for the Stars focused on learning about and providing appropriate portion sizes for snacks and teaching children how to listen to their body’s hunger cues.Reach for the Stars also embarked on a parent education campaign to increase parents’ knowledge of how to feed their children healthy meals and snacks.Information on nutrition and healthy eating were regularly displayed on the bulletin board, sent home in newsletters and handouts.Two improvements staff report as a result of participating in the NAP SACC program are an increase in large motor activity during circle time and the children listening to their body’s hunger cues.


Kerri Kreh Reda
Child Development Educator
631-727-7850 x 331

Last updated December 16, 2014