NAP SACC Success Story: Riverhead Country Day School

Riverhead Country Day School has completed the NAP SACC program and Cheryl Taormina, Owner and Director has found it to be very successful.“By making several simple changes in our Food and Activity Policies we have seen dramatic changes in the children’s food and activity choices, “Ms. Taormina said.

One of Riverhead Country Day School’s goals was to support healthy eating.Staff accomplished this by joining children at the table for meals and snacks, consuming the same foods and drinks as the children to model healthy eating and serving meals family style.Staff reported that the switch to serving family style meals went better than anticipated and they noticed an added benefit; the children’s vocabulary improved because of the conversations happening around the table.

Riverhead Country Day School also focused on increasing physical activity education.This was accomplished by providing more staff training on physical activity, incorporating more physical activity into the curriculum, and offering physical activity education and information to parents.Riverhead Country Day School also created a written physical activity policy that is provided to all parents and staff and is enforced.

Success Stories

The staff was so intent on getting the children to eat vegetables that they decided to incorporate vegetable gardens into their outdoor classroom.They created a lesson plan where they read Stone Soup to the children and then made vegetable soup, using some of the vegetables from their own garden.The children loved the soup so much that it became a regular item on their menu.

The staff reported that after introducing new fruits and vegetables, the children are eating and enjoying broccoli, mango, kiwi and salad.Bologna has been removed from the menu and successfully replaced with canned chicken.

Parent awareness has increased as evidenced by children bringing in healthier food items from home such as yogurts with less sugar and crackers with hummus for snack.

The staff is motivated to move more and play with the children and they have participated in the million step challenge.


Kerri Kreh Reda
Child Development Educator
631-727-7850 x 331

Last updated December 16, 2014