NAP SACC Success Story: Wyandanch Head Start

The Wyandanch Head Start Program completed their NAP SACC program in October 2012. Diane Guzman, the center manager, demonstrated excellent leadership abilities as she guided her staff, parents and children through the requirements needed to complete the program and reach their desired goals. After a slow start the staff soon realized the importance of the program and everyone adopted Ms. Guzman’s motto, “It’s not about us—it’s for the children!” Soon the staff was on board and everyone enjoyed the trainings.

As a result of having undergone these trainings the center has begun to host Nutrition Chats for parents provided by the Head Start Central Office’s Registered Dietitian, use handouts supplied by the NAP SACC program for all new families starting at their center, and encouraging more movement for all children especially in the classrooms. Parents have been coming in to observe their children participating in new routines incorporating more physical activity.

Upon receiving the completion certificate and activity kit the center manager was overwhelmed. She was so grateful for all the help that the NAP SACC program had offered her center. Ms. Guzman has offered to assist in the recruitment and encouragement of other Head Start Centers stating that she would gladly testify to the benefits of the NAP SACC program anytime.

Ms. Guzman has particularly high hopes for the success of this program since learning that 50 out of 86 children enrolled in her center during 2011-2012 had high BMIs making Wyandanch Head Start one of the centers with the highest amount of obese and overweight children in Suffolk County. Ms. Guzman hopes to continue our working partnership by finding creative ways to maintain the work accomplished during the NAP SACC program and staying in touch with the program consultant for new resources and research on these topics.


Dinah Torres-Castro
Bilingual Family Health Educator
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Last updated December 17, 2014