River and Roots

Welcome to the River and Roots Community Garden.

River and Roots, CHP

The start of the community garden project.

River and Roots, CHP

Town of Riverhead donates benches.

River and Roots

Flowers blooming in the summertime.

River and Roots Community Garden

2009 - 2010

Garden Leaders with a vision promoted the community garden at numerous Town Board meetings which eventually led to a resolution creating a community garden on town owned property.

Garden Highlights 2011:

WINTER - CHPSC Coordinator announces the NYSDOH, CHP award to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County. After meeting with garden leaders an offer of support is offered to the Riverhead project at a public session. A blitz of media coverage helps to raise interest in membership and support for River and Roots Community Garden.

SPRING - River and Roots officially a community garden in collaboration with CHPSC and the town of Riverhead. CHPSC works with the Town of Riverhead, and River and Roots to use CHPSC funding to purchase an industrial grade double gated fence for the garden property. Local BID group and other local business persons donate additional funding for fence, insurance, and other related expenses. River and Roots hosts fundraiser and applies for not for profit status. The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with Nassau/Suffolk Trades Council "Built on Pride" Program has donated cedar wood for garden beds which were built by inmates at the Riverhead prison.

Communication systems to connect garden members and promote community involvement are established via Facebook and Google groups.

SUMMER - In collaboration with Council of Unity and Veterans plants a red, white and blue memorial garden in conjunction with the official ribbon cutting ceremony for River and Roots Community Garden. Local politicians and the media join in the festivities.

July 21, 2011 - Vertical Living Wall garden is installed.

Recording keeping practices, gardening tips, and garden task groups are established.

FALL - Bountiful harvests are recorded. Community building through participation in town events and pot luck gatherings continues to be a wonderful component of the garden. The garden leaders work with Riverhead officials and CHPSC towards establishing a playground area adjacent to the garden.

WINTER - 2011-2012 - RRCG participates in Riverhead Arts Council Window Decorating Contest.
Garden leaders Amy Davidson and Laurie Nigro recognized as Overall People of the Year for 2011by the Riverhead Times Review.

Community Impact:

As a result of the success of the River and Roots Community Garden, the view downtown is changing. The Town of Riverhead refurbished long boarded up comfort station adjacent to the garden and has plans to work with CHPSC towards the installation of a playground area directly behind it.

During the 2011 season, River and Roots Community Garden proved itself a good neighbor enhancing both the community by beautifying a long abandoned town property in a way that contributed to the health and well being of its members who recorded nearly 600 pounds of fresh, local produce harvest.

Last updated October 30, 2014