Grants Awarded to CCE's Marine and Agriculture Programs to Help Protect L.I. Sound


Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Marine and Agriculture Programs Awarded Funding to Improve Health and Vitality of Long Island Sound



CCE’s Marine Meadows Program has been awarded $95,341 and the Agriculture Stewardship Program has been awarded $128,000 as part of 35 grants awarded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) to state and local governments and community groups.

The grant is aimed at supporting community projects in New York and Connecticut intended to protect and preserve the Long Island Sound.

CCE’s Marine Meadows program enlists the help of volunteers to work with Cornell staff to weave eelgrass shoot discs which are later planted in local waters as part of an eelgrass restoration project. By offering Marine Meadows workshops throughout Suffolk, CCE is providing an opportunity for community members to learn about the importance of eelgrass to our marine ecosystem. CCE and various partners have facilitated 20 workshops in which nearly 500 volunteers have come together to assemble over 52,000 shoots of eelgrass into planting discs. Contact Kim Barbour at 852-8660, ext. 27 for more information.

CCE’s Engaging Vineyards to Implement a Stewardship Program pairs CCE agricultural specialists with area vineyards. CCE’s Agricultural Stewardship Program provides the commercial agricultural industry with research, education and on-farm demonstration projects to address the environmental issues related to agriculture's use of nitrogen fertilizer and pesticides. These contaminants can harm local waters and the health of the Long Island Sound. Contact Becky Wiseman at 727-7850, ext. 206, for more information.

 A total of $1.6 million was awarded by NFWF to preserve and protect the Long Island Sound as part of the Long Island Futures Fund. The public-private grant program pools fund from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, NFWF, U.S. Wildlife Service, U.S. Dept. of Natural Resources Conservation Service and Wells Fargo.

Posted on September 27, 2012 by Donna Giancontieri