Peconic Bay Scallop
Image by Mike Patricio

Peconic Bay Scallop

Bay Scallop Restoration Program Publications

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Tettelbach S.T., B.J. Peterson, J.M. Carroll, B.T. Furman, S.W.T. Hughes, J. Havelin, J.R. Europe, D.M. Bonal, A.J. Weinstock & C.F. Smith. 2015. Aspiring to an altered stable state: rebuilding of bay scallop populations and fisheries following intensive restoration. Marine Ecology Progress Series 529:121-136.


Tettelbach S.T., B.J. Peterson, J.M. Carroll, S.W.T. Hughes, D.M. Bonal, A.J. Weinstock, J.R. Europe, B.T. Furman & C.F. Smith. 2013. Priming the larval pump: resurgence of bay scallop recruitment following initiation of intensive restoration efforts. Marine Ecology Progress Series 478:153-172.


Tettelbach, S. T. and C. F. Smith. 2009. Bay scallop restoration in New York. Ecological Restoration 27(1):20-22.

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Stephen Tettelbach
Professor, Dept. of Biology, LIU-Post

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