Marine Science and Environmental Education Programs

Long Island's shorelines and waters are major resources and attractions. Young people need to understand the marine environment so that they can protect and enhance it. The group programs offered by the Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Education Staff are designed to interest students in grades K-12 in the many diverse and exciting marine topics. These programs are offered by the Western Suffolk Marine Education Program at Coindre Hall in Huntington, NY.

To book any of these programs, please email Marie Cancro or call 631-239-1800.

Persons needing special accommodations should call 631-239-1800 x 28 at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled program.


These programs are offered at your facility

Discovery Tank: PreK-12 (50 minutes)
Study the marine environment every day! Discover the wonders of local marine life in this unique presentation. Following a hands-on introduction to sea stars, shellfish, hermit crabs, snails & fish, a low-maintenance, 10-gallon saltwater aquarium filled with these animals is left for permanent display in your classroom.
$185: maximum 30 students.

Seashore Safari: PreK-12 (50 minutes)
Bring the beach to your classroom! A great alternative to a field trip, this hands-on presentation introduces your students to local marine life - sea stars, shellfish, hermit crabs, snails, and... the infamous horseshoe crab.
$160: maximum 30 students.

Marine Debris & Entanglement: Grades 1-12 (50 minutes)
What happens to litter on the beach? Explore the problem of debris in the marine environment. Learn about different types and sources of debris, how it impacts marine wildlife through ingestion and entanglement, and how students can help. This class can also be carried out at our beach or at a site near you, where students conduct a beach cleanup.
$160: maximum 30 students.

Fishy Facts: PreK-12 (50 minutes)
What makes a fish a fish? How do they move? How do they breathe? Using live, local fish species, students will learn about the differences between fish and other marine animals, the amazing adaptations fish use to survive in different habitats, and the wonderful diversity of fish around Long Island.
$160: maximum 30 students.

Whale Wonders: PreK-12 (50 minutes)
Your students will have a whale of a time learning about marine mammals, their incredible sizes, their diets & feeding behaviors. This interactive class includes hands-on time with bones, teeth, baleen, and K.C. - our life-size, inflatable baby humpback whale!
$160: maximum 30 students.

Ready, Set, Glow: K-12 (50 minutes)
Dive into the mysterious environment of the deep sea as you learn about bioluminescent animals through slides, glowing models, and demonstrations. The best setting for this program is in a dark room.
$160: maximum 30 students.

Spines, Slime & Stingers: Grades 3-12 (50 minutes)
Investigate some of the exciting and dangerous marine creatures that inhabit waters around the world. Learn how jellies, electric eels, fish, octopi, and others use spines, slime, and stingers to defend themselves and/or catch their prey.
$160: maximum 30 students

Who's For Dinner? K-8 (50 minutes)
Herbivores, carnivores and omnivores get together in this presentation with live animals. Students will explore marine food chains, construct food webs, and learn about how pollution can affect the flow of food in the marine environment. Perfect for the Regent's exam!
$160: maximum 30 students.

Beneath the Sea - A Subaquatic Adventure: PreK-12 (50 minutes)
What does SCUBA stand for? Your students will learn this and other facts about the incredible invention that has helped us explore our underwater world. Try on SCUBA gear and discuss the environmental changes that occur when we dive underwater - pressure, temperature, visual and acoustic differences, and more!
$160: maximum 30 students.

Pirates!: Grades 1-12 (50 minutes)
Ahoy there, maties! Explore the myths and realities of pirate lore as you learn about some of the world's most famous pirates. We'll investigate pirate codes, life onboard a pirate ship, female pirates, and discover if pirate treasure was buried was buried on Long Island!
$160: maximum 30 students

Crustacean Exploration: PreK-12 (50 minutes)
Live crustaceans in your classroom! Explore the unique specializations of lobsters and other local crustaceans, including hermit crabs, Asian shore crabs, and barnacles. Topics include exoskeletons, regeneration, feeding techniques, and more.
$165: maximum 30 students.

Marine Invaders: Grades 2-12 (50 minutes)
Alien invaders have reached Long Island, and they're not from outer space! Explore some of the invasive animals & plants moving into our marine habitats in this hands-on, interactive presentation with live animals. Learn about native and non-native species, the effects invasives have on our coastal environment, and collect data on crabs. This class can also be carried out
at our beach or at a site near you (see In The Field).
$160: maximum 30 students.

Touch Tank: all ages
Looking for a unique, fun activity for your school or organization? Children & adults learn about local marine fauna in a hands-on way when our marine educators bring a touch tank full of live sea stars, shellfish, crabs, snails, and fish right to your facility. Perfect for fairs and festivals! Please call for pricing.



These programs are offered May through mid-October at various beach locations.

Beach Life: Grades 2-12 (3 hours)
Seasonal, weather permitting; please wear water shoes and dress for the weather.
Let's explore the beach! Following a hands-on introduction to local marine life, students will explore the beach & salt marsh, and seine the bay to collect fish, shrimp, crabs, and other marine life. The class concludes with a beach cleanup & a discussion of marine debris.
$15 per student, minimum fee: $150. Maximum: 50 students.

Talk & Tour: PreK-12 (1.5 hours)
Seasonal, weather permitting; please wear water shoes and dress for the weather.
This shorter version of our Beach Life program includes a hands-on introduction to local marine life and time to seine the bay and beachcomb for treasures.
$11 per student, minimum fee: $110. Maximum: 50 students.

Marine Invaders! Grades 4-12 (2 hours)
Seasonal, weather permitting; please wear water shoes and dress for the weather.
Your students will encounter alien invaders of another kind as they discover some of the invasive species moving into our marine habitats. Explore the intertidal zone, seine for fish, and collect data on different crab species - all while learning about native and non-native animals & plants, and the effects invasive species have on our coastal environment. Your school can also become part of an international citizen-scientist network collecting data to help researchers track the spread of invasive crabs.
$250. Maximum: 30 students.