Welcome to the Nursery & Landscape Program Webpage!

If you are a nursery grower, landscaper, arborist, landscape architect or other professional in the horticulture industry, you can rely on the Nursery & Landscape Program for valuable information and exciting educational events.  The Nursery & Landscape Program:

  • Provides individual consultations for professionals on horticulture topics related to trees, shrubs, and perennials in the nursery or landscape
  • Develops outreach publications
  • Coordinates regional conferences and educational programs
  • Presents on various horticulture topics at local industry meetings and educational events
  • Conducts on-site horticulture trials and demonstration projects


For questions concerning commercial nursery production and landscape horticulture please contact:

Mina Vescera, Nursery and Landscape Specialist
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County
Phone: 631-727-7850 x213
Email: mv365@cornell.edu

For questions concerning home gardens please contact:

The Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County Horticulture Information Line at 631-727-4126, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Current Projects


Notice: NEW Blight Ravages Boxwoods

A new, aggressive, exotic disease called Boxwood Blight is now affecting all species of boxwood on Long Island and other areas of the US. If you see bare twigs on your boxwood this winter, send a sample to the LI Horticultural Research & Extension Center at 3059 Sound Ave. Riverhead / 631-727-3595 to ID the pathogen and slow the spread of this serious disease. Non-commercial samples can be brought to CCE-Suffolk Diagnostic Lab at 423 Griffing Ave. Riverhead / 631-727-7850. 


Blight Ravages Boxwood


Publications of the Nursery & Landscape Program

The Nursery & Landscape Program is continually creating outreach publications to effectively help you or your business grow and utilize best management practices.  These publications are geared for nursery growers, landscapers, arborists, landscape architects, and other horticulture professionals.  You can use these publications to help communicate with your clients, train colleagues or coworkers, or just to increase your own knowledge. 


Horticulture Resource Guide


 Diseases of Plants


Gold Medal Plants (click to go to Gold Medal Plants page)


Invasive Plants


Soil pH


Horticultural Journal Articles and Books


Plant Lists



For more horticulture publications brought to you by CCE Suffolk, check out the Agriculture/Horticulture Newsletters and the Horticulture Leaflets.