Nutrition for Seniors

The following is a series of articles that have appeared in the Babylon Town Senior Newsletter. They are about the importance that nutrition plays in our lives as we age. 



Would you like to learn more about food safety, healthier food choices, and stretching your food dollars? Eat Smart New York (ESNY) can help, if you are a food stamp recipient or food stamp eligible. For more information, call 631-727-7850 x385. ESNY is one of the many educational services provided by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County.



Food Borne Illnesses Increase During The Summer Months


Eating Better When Eating Out


Take Good Care Of Yourself, You Belong To Me!


Aim For Fitness


Eat More Whole Grains


Focus On Spinach To Protect Your Vision


Water - Do You Drink Enough?


Tomatoes! Tomatoes! Tomatoes!


Oranges - Nature's Gift


Pumpkin and Winter Squash


Broccoli and Cauliflower - Fall's Super Vegetables


Healthy Holiday Eating


Blueberries, Summertime Stars


Fresh Now- Leafy Greens


Smarter Snacks for Everyone


Sweet Potatoes are Superb!


Nutrition Questions and Answers for Older Folks


Holiday Food Safety Questions


Hot Cocoa! It Froths with Cancer-Preventing Compounds!


Spring - A Great Time for Eggs