Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips is a compilation of brief tips for parents of newborns through adolescents covering topics from toilet learning to discipline to communication.


A Dozen Ideas for Summer Fun

Another Dozen Ideas for Summer Fun

Beating Cabin Fever

Children's Hobbies

Planning Birthday Parties for Children

Spending Quality Time with Your Child


Helping Children Cope with a Death in the Family

Helping Young Children Cope with Death

How Children Deal with Death

Talking with Children About Death


Camping Does a Kid a World of Good

Getting Ready for Summer Camp

Heading off Homesickness

Sending a Preteen to Sleep-Away Camp


Keeping the Lines of Communication Open with Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Youth

Learning to Communicate with Your Teenager

Parents Can Become Active Listeners

Talking to Your Preteen About Sex

Ways to Open Communication with Your Child


Alternatives to Saying No

Coping with Fresh Behavior

Discipline Does Not Mean Punishment

Discipline for Babies and Toddlers

Making and Enforcing Rules at Home

Those Four-Letter Words

What to do About Biting

When Play Becomes Too Rough


Child's Age Affects Reaction to Divorce

Preparing a Preschooler to Visit the Non-Residential Parent


Children Solve Problems by Putting Feelings Into Words

Helping Children Develop Self-Control

Helping Children Handle Anger

Security Objects Offer Comfort to Young Children

When Kids Fight

Health and Safety

Adolescents and Sleep

Choking Hazards for Young Children

When Can Children Be Left Home Alone


Holiday Traditions and Family Values

Keep the Holidays Calm for Young Children



Selecting TV Programs for Young Children

Taming the Tube

Teaching Children About Television

V-chips Cannot Replace Parental Guidance

Video Games Can Waste Children's Time


Checklist for Choosing School-Age Childcare

Does Telling Kids to Be Nice Work

The Fourth R--Responsibility

The Three Rs at Home

When Grandchildren Visit


Helping Children Handle Money

The Importance of Allowance


A Little Laughter Goes a Long Way

Children Need Involved Fathers

Learning Good Manners by Example

Seeing Things From a Child's Point of View

The Power of Patience

Who's In Charge When Friends and Their Children Visit


Helping Your Preteen Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Talking to Your Preteen About Sex


Introducing Books to Toddlers

Spend Time Reading to Your Children


Children and Chores

Helping Young Children with Daily Routines

Minimizing Morning Madness

The Importance of Bedtime

Time Saving Tips for Parents

School Issues

Avoiding Report Card Over-Reaction

Getting Involved with Your Child's School

Helping Children with Homework

Helping Children Work Smarter for School Success

Parent Teacher Conferences

Self Esteem 

Beliefs That Build Self Esteem

Body Image and Self Esteem

Helping Young Children Gain Self Esteem

Raising Self-Confident Children


Adapting to a New Sibling


Balancing Work and Family

Burnout Can Scald Parents

Helping Children Cope with Stress

Stress Breakers for Parents

When Stress Strikes

When to Notify Other Adults of Stress in Your Child's Life


Choosing Safe Toys for the Holidays

Choosing Toys for Children

Toy-Buying Guidelines