Changes for 2021

Although we do not know specifically what NYS will require for the safe operation of summer camp in 2021, we are making plans based on what are best practices developed by camps that were open in 2020 and the guidance prepared by the American Camp Association.At this time, we are planning the following changes for this summer:

Safety Protocols

We intend to implement several safety protocols that will include the following measures:

  • Reduced capacity for overnight camp.
  • Only campers, staff and screened vendors will be allowed on the camp property.Parents, family members, alumni, visitors, and guests will not be permitted to enter the camp to reduce exposure.
  • Health checks for arriving campers will include temperature checks in addition to our usual screening practices. There will be daily health checks for day campers.
  • A cohort model of programming and scheduling will be used. Campers may not see or interact with their siblings and friends who are assigned to a different cohort.
  • Staff and campers will be required to wear masks whenever physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Equipment and furnishings will be sanitized regularly.
  • Some activities will be modified or adjusted to meet health and safety requirements of the NYS Health Department.

We expect that there will be additional and more detailed safety procedures as we receive guidance from the health department.

No Super Saturdays

To prevent unnecessary exposure and provide sufficient time to prepare/sanitize the camp between sessions, there will be no Super Saturday/extender weekends this summer. Campers who register for two consecutive sessions must depart on Saturday after breakfast and return Sunday at their appointed time slot.In addition, we will not be taking any field trips off-site this summer.

No Counselor-in-Training Program

Due to anticipated health and safety requirements, we will not be able to offer an intensive, high quality counselor-in-training program this summer.The camp leadership team will be exploring alternatives for an off-season educational program for campers who would like to be junior counselors in 2022.

Camp Store

The camp store will be online this summer.Families may preorder merchandise which will be given to campers at camp. If we have the item in stock it will be delivered to your camper during their session and your credit card charged. Sizes are limited because we are not restocking this year. If the item is not available, you will not be charged.

Program Adaptations and Modifications

Camp staff are researching successful approaches for modifying and adapting program activities to insure health and safety.We expect that large group events and programs will be altered to accommodate a cohort model. The cohort model keeps the same campers in living arrangements and small groups throughout the daily and weekly schedule. There will be limited to no interaction between these cohort groups. Meals will be served family style to ensure social distancing and cohort groups are maintained. Use of the shower facilities will be scheduled to maintain cohort groups. Due to anticipated reduced capacity this year, cabinmate requests will be limited to one reciprocated request per camper. Please refer to the section on Camp Life for more details. Interaction between campers of different ages and different genders will be limited. We will still be offering activity choices, but we will not be usingour traditional “choice board” for activity sign up. Because of safety, scheduling and staffing concerns, the following activities will not be offered this summer: snorkeling (but swimming will be available), backcountry cooking, photography, sailing and biking.

Arrival and Departure at Camp

We are asking families to cooperate with a “one driver-one camper rule” to limit the number of people with whom staff and campers interact.Everyone in the vehicle must wear a mask upon arrival at camp.Parents will remove the camper’s luggage at the inner gate and then remain in the vehicle for the duration of check-in.At departure, the parent and camper will load the vehicle at the inner gate.There will be no bathroom facilities available for the public.More detailed instructions will be sent with drop off and pick up times one week prior to each session.

Health Center Procedures

Campers will be treated by the Camp Nurse for routine first aid and prescription medications.If a camper has symptoms associated with COVID-19 or a fever above 100.4o, the parent/guardian will be contacted and asked to take the camper home for care by the family physician.No camper who is sick will be held overnight in the infirmary. It is critical that parents/guardians identify an emergency contact who is easily reached by phone and can pick a sick camper up within 3 hours if a parent/guardian is unable to do so.


Since the camp office is irregularly staffed at this time, questions or issues are best communicated by email with the nature of the inquiry in the subject line. There could be some delay in returning voicemail messages.


The information in the parent handbook and website are subject to change depending on the final guidance from the NYS Department of Health and the Suffolk County Department of Health Services.As more guidance is available from these sources, we will immediately update any content on the website and registration portal.

Last updated February 15, 2021