Programs for Children's Librarians

We at CCE are committed to helping you support parents of young children in your community. Educators are available to serve as a resource to parents during your Parent / Toddler Programs on the following topics:


Understanding Toddlers

Parents have many questions about toddler development and behavioral issues, ranging from temper tantrums to toilet learning, bedtime issues, sibling rivalry, and learning through play. Our parent educator can offer research-based strategies to cope with these and many other issues, as well as provide support for parents and other caregivers.

Contact Maxine Cohen: 631-586-3425

Feeding Little Folks

Parents with questions regarding their children’s food needs can learn about ways to help them accept a wider variety of foods, common feeding behaviors, the developmental changes that affect their eating and how to get young children to accept responsibility for their own eating while their children enjoy a healthy age appropriate snack.

Contact Debby Wroblewski: 631-979-7504


The Parent/Toddler Program fee is $120 per workshop.

For more information on these or other parent education programs contact Nancy Olsen-Harbich at