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Master Gardener Profile - Christine Killorin


Christine Killorin on the far left. Bev Vlcek (MG class of 2013) is in the middle and their colleague, Lois Leonard, is on the right.

Since completing Master Gardener training in 2013, Christine Killorin has become a valued member of the horticultural team at Hallockville Museum Farm in Riverhead. She began volunteering for a Master Gardener project. With Bev Vlcek, a Master Gardener in her class, they soon assumed full responsibility for the vegetable garden, perennial garden, and raised beds.

Christine, from Wading River, also conducted research to make the gardens similar to those likely planted by the family living on the Hallockville farm in the late 1800s.

In 2018, Christine began collaborating with Master Gardener Alfonso Martinez-Fonts to create a natural habitat area which supports birds and pollinators at the Hallockville site. This new garden space is dedicated to educating children and families about the importance of native plants.

Christine firmly believes that the Master Gardener program helps build local communities.She adds that perhaps the best thing about becoming a Master Gardener was the opportunity to meet others who have the similar interests and collaborate with them in community gardens.According to Christine, “The Master Gardener program introduced me to wonderful people.”