Kids Learn-n-Play the Outdoor Way

HELP RESTORE THE NATURE EXPLORE CLASSROOM at the Suffolk County Farm in Yaphank!

Think back to when you were a child for a moment! Remember the freshness of the outdoor air and how much fun you had exploring outside with your friends? You can provide those fond memories for your children and all children like yours! Help kids disconnect from electronic devices, get them outside and get them imagining. Learn and Play the Outdoor Way is FUN & SAFE! It helps kids be kids. Plus it also:

  • Is vital for cognitive, social and physical development.
  • Helps children communicate their knowledge about the world to others.
  • Develops important skills (e.g., initiative, self-confidence, literacy, math, science skills) that will help them be more successful in school and better navigate the world.
  • Help children learn, connect and immerse themselves with nature through imagination and creativity.

PLEASE DONATE NOW! Your gift will make a difference THIS year in the lives of so many children. Making a gift today will help us reach our goal of $11,000! Your donation will purchase quality enrichment equipment - such as a wooden tractor and wagon climbing area, a water feature, a mud pie kitchen and a building area complete with natural tree blocks, observation trays, bricks, discovery tables, tree cookies and much more! These items are not provided by any other funding.

Last updated April 14, 2017