Messy Materials

Messy Materials encourage exploration and help children develop creativity because there is no right or wrong way to play.

    Bring It Home

    • Make some time for your child to play in the dirt or add some water and let them play in the mud. Prepare in advance with a way to clean up and a change of clothes.
    • Put toddlers in front of a tray of shaving cream and allow them to explore.
    • Take advantage of the messy materials nature provides. Each season has something new: leaves, snow, rain and sand.
    • Allow your child to play with finger paint, paste and play dough. For recipes click here.
    • Allow your child to play with different materials in the sink (i.e. large rocks, shaving cream, etc.). The more sensory exposure the better!
    • Play in the woods or at the beach – be sure to bring shovels, pails and sifters. See what your child creates.

    Last updated September 22, 2017