"I look forward to seeing the Eat Smart Nutritionist at these events. Since I saw ESNY educators I have been buying better snacks for my family and we have been more active. I have lost 15 pounds have more energy to spend time with my children, and my kids are more involved in choosing the foods they like to eat."

- Family Service League mom

"I changed by not drinking soda that much and I barely go to fast food places now. Also, now I go to the grocery store with my mom to get fruits that I like"

- 12 yo Hispanic Female from Uniondale


"After my son had participated in your nutrition classes, he always looks for a fruit as a snack and asks for a vegetable every day at dinner."

- Mom from West Islip Recreation Center

"We visited the recipe taste testing table during parent pick up. We received the recipe and some tips on how the children can help make the dressing. The children loved it so much, they asked their parents to make the recipes at home."

- YES Camp Parent, West Islip


"Thanks to this program, I have changed my diet. I don’t drink energy or fruit-flavored drinks anymore. I drink water now, eat a more balanced diet and leave junk food out of my breakfast, lunch and dinner."

- 9 yo Hispanic Female from Uniondale

"I really enjoyed learning about how to make healthy snacks for my children. I have a tough time with them eating fruits and vegetables. I am glad I came today because I know what I can do to make their snacks healthier. I really enjoyed the yogurt parfait as well and I’m going to go buy the ingredient to make this recipe at home."

- 35 Year old mom, family health parent


Last updated August 9, 2021