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Quogue School


The Quogue Elementary School has the good fortune to have a Master Gardener on its staff. Ginger Anderson, of Westhampton Beach, completed her training in June, 2020, just in time to redesign the many raised beds in the school’s garden.

Ginger occupies a special position at her pre-K through 6th grade school. As the Art teacher, as well as the Garden Educator, Ginger has incorporated gardening curriculum with the art curriculum in every grade. The students at Quogue are responding favorably by spending class and recess time exploring in the greenhouse and garden beds.

Ginger enjoys every part of the gardening process, even the weeding, which provides great satisfaction. “The beds are neat and clean when finished!” Master Gardener Training developed her awareness of the “right plant, right place” approach. Before she plants, Ginger now carefully considers the plant’s location, water, soil conditions and the micro-climate needed for that plant in that site.

According to Ginger, the knowledge she gained, along with her prior experience, have made her enthusiastic to share gardening practices with the Quogue Elementary School children so they will be better stewards of the earth.