Perennial farm on the North Fork of Long Island.
Image by Mina Vercera, CCE Suffolk County

Perennial farm on the North Fork of Long Island.

Ready for market.
Image by Mina Vescera, CCE Suffolk County

Ready for market.

Privet production field.
Image by Mina Vescera, CCE Suffolk County

Privet production field.

Magnolia in full bloom.
Image by Mina Vescera, CCE Suffolk County

Magnolia in full bloom.

Commercial Horticulture

If you are a nursery grower, landscaper, arborist, landscape architect or other professional in the horticulture industry, you can rely on the Commercial Horticulture Program for valuable information and exciting educational events.

  • Provides individual consultations for professionals on horticulture topics related to trees, shrubs, and perennials in the nursery or landscape
  • Develops outreach publications
  • Coordinates regional conferences and educational programs
  • Presents on various horticulture topics at local industry meetings and educational events
  • Conducts on-site horticulture trials and demonstration projects

Publications for Horticulture Professionals

We are continually creating outreach publications and posting publications from cooperating organizations to effectively help you or your business grow and utilize best management practices. These publications are geared for nursery growers, landscapers, arborists, landscape architects, and other horticulture professionals. You can use these publications to help communicate with your clients, train colleagues or coworkers, or just to increase your own knowledge.

Horticulture Resource Guide

Landscape Soil Health

Soil Health and Diagnostics

Research Trial and Demonstration Reports

Nursery and Landscape Fact Sheets

Diseases and Pests of Ornamental Plants

Horticultural Journal Articles and Books

Plant Lists

Soil pocket guide cover

LI Landscape Soil Health

The purpose of this guide is to inform home gardeners and professional horticulturalists of the importance of Long Island soils for proper plant growth in managed landscapes

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Gdd us

Growing Degree Days

Insects are dependent on temperature to develop. The accumulated GDD for various locations on Long Island are reported here.

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Huechera sugar plum

LI Horticulture Resource Guide

Our annual guide featuring useful information for nursery growers and landscape professionals.

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Boxwood guide

Boxwood Guide

This guide is a diagnostic tool for nursery growers and landscape professionals and serves as a starting point to become familiar with common problems that affect boxwood on Long Island.

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Horticulture Diagnostic Labs

Two locations to serve the industry and gardeners throughout Suffolk County.

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Horticulture Factsheets

Our Cornell University research based Horticulture Factsheets provide answers to homeowner’s most common questions.

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Last updated February 15, 2019