Your lawn will do best if maintained at a height of 3 inches.

Your lawn will do best if maintained at a height of 3 inches.

IPM Factsheets

Our Integrated Pest Management Factsheets provide answers to common questions about animal, insect, or disease pest problems. Additional information can be obtained by contacting one of the IPM Pest Management Technicians at 631-727-7850.

Alpha gal

'Alpha-Gal' Syndrome

Tick bites blamed for causing an allergic reaction to meat consumption.

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A guide to help you quickly identify what’s going on in your yard.

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Mosquito clipart 6

Mistaken Identities

Check out this fact sheet about insects commonly mistaken for mosquitoes.

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Boxwood guide

Boxwood Guide

This guide is a diagnostic tool for nursery growers and landscape professionals and serves as a starting point to become familiar with common problems that affect boxwood on Long Island.

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It is possible to contract a tick borne disease and not know you were even bitten. This flyer informs you what to look for.

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Huechera sugar plum

LI Horticulture Resource Guide

Our annual guide featuring useful information for nursery growers and landscape professionals.

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Last updated March 29, 2017