Perennials are favorites among gardeners.

European earwig
Image by Tom Murray www.pbase.com/tmurray74

A European earwig. Note the pair of forceps on the tip of the abdomen.

One of the many traps put out by the Agricultural Stewardship Program to monitor pests in the orchards.

Pheromone trap hung to monitor pests in fruit orchards.

Horticulture Factsheets

Our Cornell University research-based Horticulture Factsheets provide answers to homeowner’s most common questions. Additional information can be obtained by contacting one of the Horticulture Diaganostic Labs by phone or in person.

beaker plant

Horticulture Diagnostic Labs

Two locations to serve the industry and gardeners throughout Suffolk County.

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Gold Medal Plant

Gold Medal Plants

The Gold Medal Program identifies underutilized plant material of exceptional merit that is particularly suited for growing on Long Island.

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River and Roots

Community Gardens

There are many community gardens throughout Suffolk County. This list is just a few of them.

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radishes and carrots on display at Unions Square market, NYC July 2014

2019 Vegetable Varieties

Check out this list from Cornell's Garden Based Learning Program to see what varieties they recommend as being well-suited to NY State gardens for 2019!

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Last updated November 2, 2018