orange scallops

Bay scallop spat raised at the CCE Shellfish Hatchery at SCMELC for the Scallop Project.


Tiny seed clams raised at the CCE Shellfish Hatchery at SCMELC.


Oysters are the most popular species of shellfish raised by SPAT Program volunteers.

Aquaculture Program

The overall goal of CCE's Aquaculture Program is to help ensure that shellfish populations remain healthy and sustainable so that commercial harvesting can continue and remain profitable and recreational harvesting also continue, preserving this unique and historical way of life that Long Island is known for. CCE is one of the only groups on Long Island that works directly with commercial and non-commercial culturists, giving them the tools and information they need to master culturing techniques. CCE also conducts applied research with local, state and federal funding to help solve problems and increase production, and works with Long Island Towns to reseed areas with shellfish to keep populations sustainable. The public can get involved in raising shellfish while giving back to local waters through the SPAT Program (Suffolk Project in Aquaculture Training). CCE's Scallop Program has been working to bring back the bay scallop to the Peconics with much success. 

Hatchery 2014 from Cornell Extension Marine Program on Vimeo.

Tiana Bayside sign

Tiana Bayside Facility

CCE is partnering with the Town of Southampton to develop an outreach and education center at the Tiana Bayside Facility.

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SPAT Program

Join the SPAT Program (Southold Project in Aquaculture Training) to learn how to raise your own shellfish while giving back to our bays!

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Last updated September 12, 2017