Joe Constanzo holding monk fish
Image by Jackie Wilson, CCE Suffolk
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CCE is one of the only groups on Long Island that works directly with local commercial fisherman.  We help to ensure this unique and historical way of life is preserved.  We work with local, state and federal managers to ensure local fishing is sustainable.  We aid in the design and testing of conservation fishing gear that reduces by-catch of non-target species..

We have an entire website devoted to CCE's new F.I.S.H. Initiative:

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Cornell Marine Program is implementing a new local seafood marketing project, Fresh, Indigenous, Sustainable, and Healthy (F.I.S.H.).

Take the survey on your consumption of local seafood!  

Printable version here - can be mailed to CCE Marine Program, Att: Fisheries, 423 Griffing Ave., Ste. 100, Riverhead, NY 11901


Tyrand Booker
Marine Administrative Assistant
631-727-7850 x 326

Last updated July 26, 2019