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Sea Stars Marine Camp & Outreach Program Staff

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Ali Stevens - Sea Stars Marine Camp Director

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Marine Education at Your Facility

We have a selection of our programs in digital format. Classes run about 30-45 minutes and can be completed by students anytime by simply providing a link to our interactive platform. Our Marine Science courses are student-paced, and include interactive games and quizzes! Reports on student answers to questions and completion statistics can be provided upon request. 

Contact Ali Stevens for program information and pricing.


Digital Outreach Flyer!

AT YOUR FACILITY (programs are available year-round)

Let us bring AQUATIC ADVENTURES to you!

Maximum of 30 students per class.

DISCOVERY TANK (Grades: PreK-12)
Study the marine environment every day! Discover the wonders of local marine life in this unique presentation. Following a hands-on introduction to shellfish, hermit crabs, snails & fish, a low-maintenance, 10-gallon saltwater aquarium filled with these animals is left for display in your classroom.

Bring the beach to your classroom! A great alternative to a field trip, this hands-on presentation introduces your students to local marine life - sea stars, shellfish, hermit crabs, snails, and...the infamous horseshoe crab.

What happens to litter on the beach? Explore the problem of debris in the marine environment. Learn about different types and sources of debris, how it impacts marine wildlife through ingestion and entanglement, and how students can help. An excellent opportunity for your students to become young stewards of the environment!

Please see our Field Trip program “Marine Conservation & Beach Clean-Up” for a more hands-on experience!

What is an Ecosystem? How many marine ecosystems can we find on Long Island? In the world? A LOT! What makes them unique? What makes them similar? Let’s explore the globe together to find different marine environments, especially our local habitats found right here on Long Island. Students will also enjoy a special hands-on experience with sea creatures found in our salt marshes and sandy beaches!

Communication of the deep sea! Dive into this mysterious environment as you learn about bio-luminescent animals through slides and pictures, glowing models, and demonstrations. Compare this unexplored world to some land bioluminescent creatures. This dark world can be brought right to your classroom!

(Best setting for this program is in a dark room or in the evening)

WHY ARE CLAMS SO HAPPY?! (Grades: 3-12)
Ever hear the expression: “I’m as happy as a Clam!”? Let’s take a look into why these shellfish are so happy. Long Island has a rich shellfish history. Students will learn about Long Island’s maritime culture and how SHELLFISH were once a major economic success. A fun hands-on introduction to local shellfish species, while learning about their interesting biology…you’ll leave smiling!

Have you ever wondered how that Asian shore crab made it to your local beach? How did it get there? When did it arrive? How does it affect the local ecosystem? How can we fix this issue? We have more invasive marine species than ever before. Students will interact with some invasive species, as well as some native ones. You may be surprised to find out what animals were not always here.

WHALE OF WONDERS (Grades: PreK-12)

Your students will have a whale of a time learning about marine mammals, their incredible sizes, their diets & feeding behaviors. This interactive class includes hands-on time with bones, teeth, baleen, and K.C. - our life-size, inflatable baby humpback whale!

Earth’s changing climate is a HOT topic these days. What does it mean for our oceans and local bays? How can we better understand these changes? Better yet, what can we do to help fix it? Students will learn about local and global climate issues, and get a first look at what live, local species are being affected most by a changing climate!

Learn how to be a superhero! Students will explore what they can do to help our local bays and watersheds. We will discover how various kinds of pollution make their way to the bay and ocean and how it affects local marine life. Hands-on demonstrations and a Storm drain system built right in your classroom will get your students ready to be Stormwater Superheroes!

FREE to select Suffolk County Schools, ask us if your school qualifies. (Free Classes are limited)


Alexandra Stevens
Marine Program Educator
631-239-1800 x 3

Last updated May 5, 2022