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Find an Eat Smart New York nutritionist in your county to learn more about making healthy eating part of your lifestyle and how to eat healthy on a budget.

Shopping at your local Farmers' Market is a great way to make healthy decisions.

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Community Education

CCE Community Education is excited to offer our traditional in person programming in a digital format, to continue to educate and support our local community residents. Check out our weekly workshops held via zoom.

Personal health, just as the health of our waters and land, is a primary concern of Cornell Cooperative Extension. Our staff provides educational resources to meet the concerns of Long Islanders, whether in diabetes or weight management, nutrition, or the challenges of choosing the most healthful foods on a budget.

Discover Suffolk’s farm stands and farmers’ markets and learn how to make the best choices for yourself and your family when planning meals and snacks. Find tools for seniors and children to determine the most nutritious options and develop healthy eating habits. Learn why physical activity is important to a healthy lifestyle.

Follow along with SNAP-Ed NY Nutrition Educator, Jhael, as she demonstrates how to make Apple Corn Chili! For those of you who like to experiment with different flavors this recipe will like you.


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Last updated May 5, 2021