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The Joy of Gardening Master Gardener Training
Purpose To provide fundamental understanding of sustainable gardening & horticultural practices to those interested in expanding their knowledge and expertise, but not available for volunteering. Demonstrating and educating adults and youth about sustainable gardening practices informs the Master Gardener Training. Applicants are prioritized on their volunteering ability as a Suffolk Master Gardener.
Schedule 10-week online “go-at-your-own-pace” course. Resources and learning activities include suggested field trips. 16 week hybrid course, with online and scheduled live & in person sessions, including field trips
Fee $375, due with registration $550 ($425 course fee plus $125 refundable deposit if 125 volunteer hours are met), due after interview process
Financial Assistance
Diversity, equity and inclusion scholarship awards available based on application. Complete DEI application form.
Application Deadline COURSE CLOSED; Will be offered again September- November, 2022
Applications beginning November 1, 2021. Closes December 31, 2021 or sooner if registration is full.
Course Content Digital course material, including recorded lectures, supplemental readings and activities; optional virtual class sessions with instructor and teaching assistants for Q&A

LEVEL: little to some gardening experience; easy to moderately easy course material

Digital course material, including recorded lectures, supplemental readings, discussion forums; assignments, final projects, live online class meetings, in person sessions

LEVEL: some to intermediate gardening experience; moderately easy to moderately demanding course material

Course Requirements Completion of topical subjects, outline for project of your choice Engagement with course content & participation in discussions, attending scheduled online and in person meetings, completed assignments including final project, path to volunteer obligation
Additional Requirements None Completion of a 125 hour volunteer hours within first 2 years of course completion. A commitment of 30 hours annually thereafter.
Post-Course Engagement Discussion of community gardening projects with Master Gardeners, option to consider Master Gardener Training
Support in completing initial 125 volunteer hours

and connection to Suffolk CCE Master Gardener Program, the community and continuing education opportunities.


Roxanne Zimmer
Community Horticulture

Last updated November 22, 2021