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Welcome to the Children's Garden!

Children's Garden 2013

Talking about what to plant in the Children's Garden.

Children's Garden 2013

Preparing the soil for planting.

Children's Garden 2013

Adding seedlings to the planting beds.

Children's Garden 2013

Make sure to give it plenty of water.

Children's Garden 2013

Making new friends!

young girl at the Children's Gardening holding up a large leaf.

Look how big it's grown!

The Children's Garden

2019 is the 27th consecutive year that the Master Gardener Volunteers of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County have offered this engaging and interactive summer gardening program that children love, and return to year after year!

Growing interest in the summer gardening program has led to its ongoing renovation and expansion of the garden, where children learn firsthand how to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, native and pollinator plants that attract many species of birds and butterflies. Children love to visit the whimsical Fairy Garden, create art in the garden, and learn all about recycling through composting and so much more.

Activities for the 2019 Children’s Garden program include:

  • Planting seeds and transplants in reclaimed (recycled) pots, to take and grow at home
  • Learning about herbs, saving seeds, and Art on the Garden
  • Tending the different garden areas, and learning about the birds, butterflies and beneficial insects that are attracted to them
  • Planting square-foot gardens and growing food in raised beds
  • Harvesting fruits and vegetables from the strawberry patch and vegetable gardens
  • Learning about composting and how food scraps turn into ‘Gardener’s Gold” in our 3-bin compost system
  • Exploring and playing in the bean teepee, sunflower house and garden gazebo
  • Keeping a nature journal to record what they have learned and their experiences in the Children’s Garden
  • Favorite activities each year include a tour of the Butterfly House and wagon ride tour of the Farm, and our celebratory feast on the last day, when we harvest and enjoy the bounty of the garden we tended to all summer long.

The 2019 program provides a hands-on, engaging learning experience for children ages 5 through 12. Children will be included in one of two appropriate groups for their age, either 5-8 years or 9-12 years old*. Other than the last session on August 28, parents do not participate in the program.

The eight-week summer program meets every Wednesday morning, 10:00- 11:30 am from July 10 through August 28. Sessions cancelled due to weather conditions will not be rescheduled. Please inform us in writing of any serious allergies.

We hope your children can join us this summer. We have lots of new, exciting and fun activities planned! Feel free to contact Sarah Osborn at so348@cornell.edu or 631-727-7850 ext 207, if you have any questions, or would like more information about the Children’s Garden.

*Looking for a youth gardening program that lasts longer than the summer, or for your child over 12 years old? Ask about our new Junior Master Gardener Program for ages 8 & up!

Click here for a Registration Form.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Children’s Garden:


Sarah Osborn
Administrative Assistant

Last updated July 26, 2019