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Little Farmers Preschool

We are thrilled to be starting our 3rd year. Due to overwhelming demand we have added a 3rd class to our program.

At this time all of our classes are full.

The Suffolk County Farm and Education Center’s mission is to provide hands-on research-based learning to all residents with themes in agriculture, animal sciences, history, STEM, healthy living, and life skills in a unique year-round learning environment and in community spaces. The Farm’s vision is to connect with our agricultural heritage and to pave the way for a bright, healthy, and sustainable future.

Through free play, guided exploration and exposure to all corners of the farm, children will be given the chance to learn, grow and become independent learners.

Children will spend most days entirely outside, weather permitting. Inside areas of the farm will be used on those days the weather doesn't cooperate.

  • A typical day will find children getting the chance to get up close to a cow, pet a chicken and gather fresh eggs. Learn about the trees and plants around us. Play outside and enjoy the fresh air. Outdoor activities will often get children wet, dirty, hot, and/or cold. Good outdoor clothes are a must, and a change of clothes is always kept on hand for each child. The underlying motto is simple:There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!
  • Indoor space will be provided if needed. This may include stories, music, construction play, art, dramatic play, snack, etc. Natural themes and materials will be brought in throughout indoor activities.
  • All these activities will help support the overall healthy growth and development of children. Skills such as observation, experimentation, and sorting, will allowing for both individual experiences and group sharing. Outdoor discoveries also provide great subjects for all sorts of artistic and verbal expression, and the daily walks help to establish early habits of physical fitness. Most of all, we want children to truly learn how to learn –- developing the curiosity and joy that should pervade all education, while practicing key social skills such as sharing, waiting one's turn, and following simple directions.

The program runs September - June, this unique 10 month preschool can be paid for in 10 monthly payments.

Class Options

2 DAYS: Tuesday and Thursday - $250 / month

3 DAYS: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - $350 / month

HOURS: 9:00-11:30

For information contact Allison Grief at ag263@cornell.edu.

Typical Day

9:00-9:15 Parents will sign children in at the Covered Arbor. Free Play in Arbor with teacher provided materials.
9:15-9:25 Morning Circle, Sharing Time, Weather
9:30-10:30 Adventure Time Explore Farm
10:30 Snack Time
Free Play
11:30 Pick up at Arbor, parents sign out

Examples of some of the monthly themes and concepts we will explore.


All about Me, Learning about each other and making friends


Colors, Shapes, What colors and shapes can be found in Nature or man made on the farm?


Changing Seasons -Study trees found on the farm. How is the changing season affecting the trees and plants?


Five Senses- Raise awareness of our senses through various activities on the farm.


Cold/Snow/Ice How the weather affects the farm ie. Animals, people, activities that can be done and not done now that the weather has changed.


Families- Healthy Habits, Healthy Eating, Importance of being active.


Rainbows, what makes a rainbow? Types of Weather


Spring, New babies on the Farm


Planting, Insects


Summer, water play, what animals live in water?


Allison Grief
Early Childhood Education Program Manager

Last updated September 8, 2020