SAMC SCMELC traveling touch tank program tiana
Image by Christine Tordahl

Students enjoying our traveling touch tank program

SAMC SCMELC toadfish
Image by Christine Tordahl

Oyster toadfish

SAMC SCMELC stony brook outreach
Image by Christine Tordahl

Christine and Liz making tortillas with students at Earthstock

SAMC SCMELC tortilla workshop
Image by Christine Tordahl

Rachel hosting a tortilla workshop at a local school

SAMC SCMELC Seashore Safari
Image by Christine Tordahl

Christine taking students on a Seashore Safari at a local school

Marine Education at Your School

Let us bring AQUATIC ADVENTURES to you!!! Classes are 50 minutes long and $175 each. Maximum of 30 students per class. Available All Year Long.

Seashore Safari: Grades PreK-12

Bring the beach to your classroom! A great alternative to a field trip, this hands-on presentation introduces your students to local marine life – sea stars, shellfish, hermit crabs, snails, and more!

*for large groups or events, schedule our traveling touch tank for $175/hour

Discovery Tank: Grades PreK-12

(*The fee for this class is $200 / $215 with glass top)

Study the marine environment every day! Discover the wonders of local marine life in this unique presentation. Following a hands-on introduction to shellfish, hermit crabs, snails & fish, a low-maitenance, 10-gallon saltwater aquarium filled with these animals is left for permanent display in your classroom. Don’t know how to keep your tank going? Service contracts are available for cleaning and aquarium upkeep! $55/visit/tank

Sensational Sharks: Grades 2-12

Explore the biology and ecology of these fascinating creatures and learn about conservation efforts to save these misunderstood predators. Touch shark jaws, eggs, teeth and other artifacts as you learn some fun facts about these top oceanic predators.

*Add the option of making a shark tooth necklace for additional $100!

Marvelous Marine Mammals: Grades 2-12

What is a marine mammal? Do whales and seals live around Long Island? We’ll explore some fascinating marine mammals with lots of skins, bones and artifacts to touch. We will also discuss conservation efforts to help save these endangered creatures.

Stormwater Superheroes: Grades 1-8

Learn how to be a superhero! Students will explore what they can do to help our local bays and watersheds. We will discover how various kinds of pollution make their way to the bay and ocean and how it affects the local marine life. Hands-on demonstrations and a storm drain system built right in your classroom will get your students ready to be stormwater superheroes!

Intro to Marine Meadows: Grades K-12

Help us restore Long Island’s eelgrass populations! Students will learn about the biology and importance of eelgrass. We will discuss the causes of its population decrease and the ways that CCE is working to restore it. Students will take part in this restoration work by making burlap tortillas that will be used to restore and create new marine meadows. 


Christine Tordahl
Marine Program Educator
631-852-8660 x 39

Last updated January 31, 2020