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ArtSea Program at Tiana Bayside

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ArtSea Program at Tiana Bayside

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ArtSea Program at Tiana Bayside

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ArtSea Program at Tiana Bayside

ArtSea Camp (Tiana Bayside Facility)

2022 Program Information will be available soon!

We created a unique experience for your children known as Marine Art & Science Camp! Your child is in for a treat! Marine Educator, Hazel Wodehouse will be leading a hands-on marine science learning experience along with artist, Carolyn Munaco, who will be guiding campers to use their new observations to create inspired works of art.

Weekly activities may include seining for local fish and invertebrates, hiking through the salt marsh and ocean beaches, shell collection and species identification, science experiments, and various art forms, such as nature journaling, painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, and assemblage.

We have kept our size limit to just 9 students per camp to offer a very personalized and student focused experience and will spend most of our time outdoors to ensure the most responsible social distancing.

For more information, please contact Hazel Wodehouse

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Art and Science have more in common than you might think. Both require careful observation and a keen awareness of the world. The benefits of merging art and science are proving successful, as more schools adopt STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) programs. CCE’s ArtSea Programs at Tiana offer an experience like no other. These week-long sessions foster personal creative expression, while immersing students in the marine environment. Led by local artist, Carolyn Munaco, students learn the techniques of painting, drawing, sculpture, and collage using the creatures and seascapes around them as inspiration. A typical day at ArtSea includes one or more art projects, accompanied by hands-on science lessons created by CCE eductors, with daily outdoor habitat exploration and touch-tank time. Students collect found objects and natural specimens, observe wild animals in nature, study the patterns in plant life and insects, and create works of art that are personal and spark a sense of pride. ArtSea offers something for everyone.


With smaller class sizes, Tiana campers will have more individual attention from instructors, more hands on participation, and better communication between instructors & students and between peers. This allows flexibility to adjust activities to suit the unique dynamic and interests of the group!


Required Camp Forms

Parent Handbook and FAQ


Carolyn Munaco
Marine Program Education and Outreach Assistant

Last updated January 19, 2022