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Bayside Adventures Marine Camp

tiana seining

Bayside Adventures Marine Camp

tiana bayside adventures seining

Bayside Adventures Marine Camp

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Bayside Adventures Marine Camp

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Bayside Adventures Marine Camp

Bayside Adventures Marine Camp (Tiana Bayside Facility)

Due to the Novel Coronavirus/NYS PAUSE circumstances we will not be holding Marine Summer Camps on-site this summer to ensure the safety of both our campers and staff. If you have registered already you will be receiving a refund. We’re sure you are just as disappointed as we are that our camps will not be operating this summer, so in order to help stay connected to our campers we are working hard to create opportunities to bring camp to you! We are excited to announce that we will be making CCE Marine Camp Kits available. These kits will provide an opportunity for campers to still experience some of the activities and experiences we traditionally offer at camp, but in an at-home setting with opportunities for outdoor self-guided field explorations your family can take part in. Kits will include detailed daily schedules and everything needed to keep campers engaged for 3 hours per day for a 5-day camp week, and will also feature an opportunity to virtually interact with your favorite CCE Marine Program Camp Directors! For more information, and to pre-order your kit today please visit:


Marine Science is a multidisciplinary field that encompases biology, chemistry, geology, and ecology. The Bayside Adventures Marine Camp allows students to explore these fields through team learning and individual observation. Through hands-on activities, students acquire the skills needed to study the marine environment. They learn how to formulate scientific questions, safely collect and care for live animals, measure parameters such as temperature and water quality, and use microscopes to view things up close and personal. Using these skills, students explore in detail all of the marine habitats that surround Tiana Bayside Facility and the unique species that inhabit each ecosystem. Activities include seining for local fish and invertebrates, hiking through the salt marsh, bird watching on the Atlantic ocean beach, shell collection and species identification, and even optional dissections of local fish. Students also participate in CCE’s major restoration initiatives, including oyster aquaculture, marsh grass and eelgrass planting, and horseshoe crab and seahorse population monitoring. By the end of the week students come away with a deep appreciation for marine environment, as well as an understanding of how we can use our scientific knowledge to be better stewards of planet Earth.

With smaller class sizes, Tiana campers will have more individual attention from instructors, more hands on participation, and better communication between instructors & students and between peers. This allows flexibility to adjust activities to suit the unique dynamic and interests of the group!

Bayside Adventures Camp Dates 2020

Each program runs Monday through Friday 9am-2pm

Drop-off no earlier than 8:50am; No before or after care provided

Bayside Adventures Session 1 Date 6-9 yrs


Bayside Adventures Session 2 Date 9-12 yrs


Bayside Adventures Session 3 Date 6-9 yrs


Bayside Adventures Session 4
Shark Week!*
Date 9-12 yrs



Required Camp Forms

Parent Handbook and FAQ

*Shark Week at Tiana delivers activities, lessons, and projects that focus on one of the ocean’s most misunderstood predators. Students will learn about the anatomy and biology of sharks, their importance as top predators in the ocean food web, threats they face in the environment, and how we can help keep them around for future generations to marvel at. Students ages 9 and older will also get the chance to participate in a shark dissection.


Hazel E. Wodehouse
South Fork Marine Educator/LISRP Volunteer Coordinator

Last updated July 23, 2020