Lady Bug and Aphids

The Agricultural Stewardship Program monitors the orchards

Grapes hanging on the vine

Weather stations were installed in many of the local vineyards

Scouting Christmas trees
Image by Debbie Aller

Christmas Tree scouting

Ag. Stewardship Technician
Image by Deborah Aller
Ag. Stewardship Technician
Image by Deborah Aller

Agricultural Stewardship Program

Mission: Educate and promote practices that protect water quality, reduce agricultural and environmental concerns, and preserve farm businesses on Long Island.

Goal: Work with farmers to reduce nutrient and pesticide loading from agricultural lands to the ground and surface waters of Suffolk County while maintaining a strong, viable agricultural industry.

Since 2004, the Agricultural Stewardship Program has worked in conjunction with Cornell University faculty and staff, CCE's agricultural specialists, and numerous agricultural and environmental partner organizations to provide the commercial horticultural and agricultural industries a comprehensive program of research, education, and on-farm demonstration projects. Local research has resulted in the development of improved technologies and increased adoption of best management practices by farmers including the use of controlled/slow release nitrogen fertilizer (CRNF), cover crops, reduced tillage, and integrated pest management (IPM) strategies. Field days, workshops, and conferences provide farmers with educational opportunities. By conducting on-farm demonstration projects the Program demonstrates the costs and benefits of adopting new technology and best management strategies that will protect the environment while maintaining the agricultural industry's economic viability for generations to come.


Deborah Aller
Agricultural Stewardship Specialist
631-727-7850 x 206

Last updated January 13, 2020