Quick Resource Guide for Testing Services

Soil, Media, and Plant Tissue Testing Laboratories

Brookside Laboratories, Inc. - New Bremen, Ohio
This link takes you directly to the soil analysis page for testing of agricultural soils, lawns and
gardens, golf courses, and landscapes. The Soil Worksheet is the form you need to fill out and
return with your soil sample. Call for individual pricing information. They can be contact by
phone at: 419-977-2766 between 8am – 4:30pm (M-F) or by email at info@blinc.com.

Cornell Soil Health Testing Laboratory – Ithaca, New York
This link takes you directly to their testing services page. Information about and options for
individual soil analyses and the comprehensive assessment of soil health (CASH) test are
provided. Pricing for each individual soil test as well as various soil testing packages are given.
Instructions for properly collecting soil samples for analysis and interpreting the results of your
test once received are also provided. General questions and inquires can be sent to:

Dairy One/Agro One – Ithaca, New York
Agro-one is the agronomic testing services laboratory of Dairy One. These links take you directly
to the information pages for soil, plant tissue, and manure testing services. Links to pricing and
submission forms are provided at the bottom of each page.
Soil testing- http://dairyone.com/analytical-services/agronomy-...
Plant tissue testing- http://dairyone.com/analytical-services/agronomy-...
Manure analysis- http://dairyone.com/analytical-services/agronomy-...
Contact Dairy One by phone: 1-800-344-2697 or 607-257-1272
Contact Agro One Soils Laboratory Services by email: mark.joyce@dairyone.com

University of Massachusetts, Amherst – Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing Laboratory
This link takes you directly to their ordering information and forms page. All the forms are very
clearly labelled according to the analysis conducted. Click on ‘Lab Services’ on the left side of
the page to learn about the various soil and plant tests offered. The lab is open from 8am –
4pm (M-F) and can be contacted by phone: 413-545-2311 or email: soiltest@umass.edu

JR Peters Inc. – Allentown, Pennsylvania
For container production (greenhouse/nursery). They offer analyses and monitoring for soilless
media, tissue, water, and solutions. This link takes you directly to their testing services analysis/
pricing page. http://www.jrpeters.com/lab-services/analysis.htm...
The lab can be contacted by phone: 866-522-5752 or email: info@jrpeters.com

Waypoint Analytical Pennsylvania, Inc. – Leola, Pennsylvania
They have eight agricultural labs across the USA with the closest to Long Island located in
Pennsylvania. This link takes you directly to their agricultural testing services page.
They offer soil and media testing, tissue nutrient analysis, solution, and compost tests.
Their Pennsylvania office can be contacted by phone: 717-656-9326 or email:

Rutgers University Soil Testing Laboratory – New Brunswick, NY
Testing services for soil, media, and golf turf. This link takes you directly to their services and
fees page.
Links to forms and how to interpret results are provided on the soil testing home page.
The lab can be contacted between 7:30am – 5pm (M-F) by phone: 848-932-9295 or email:

Last updated August 3, 2018