Horticulture Diagnostic Labs


Gardeners and ornamental horticulture professionals alike may contact our Diagnostic Labs for answers to their questions about plants, gardens, landscapes and lawns. The Labs also offer diagnostic services to help diagnose plant problems and diseases as well as identify insect and tick specimens. You can phone in questions, or drop off samples and specimens for diagnosis or identification.  We have two locations to serve you better: 423 Griffing Ave., Riverhead, NY 11901; information line 631-727-4126 & Bayard Cutting Arboretum, Great River, NY; information line 631-727-4126.

Soil Testing

Homeowners as well as commercial growers and ornamental horticulture professionals alike may have soil tested for pH and conductivity (soluble salts).Results of soil tests are sent to individuals via regular mail or email if you choose. Each report indicates the soil pH, the conductivity reading as well as a rate of limestone (if needed) to raise the soil pH into the correct range for the plants/crops being grown in the sampled soil.


Submission Forms

Please fill out the appropriate form and include it with your submitted samples. All forms include instructions for submitting samples. Prices updated 2022.

Soil pH Testing Submission Forms


Commercial Horticulture Professional (landscaper, arborist, garden center, etc.)

Commercial Agriculture Grower (vegetables, fruits, nursery stock, sod, greenhouse/container grower)

Cornell Cooperative Extension Publication Order Form

Plant Problem Diagnosis

Herbaceous Plants (Flowers) & Ornamental Grass Problem

Indoor Plant Problem

Lawn Problem

Tree, Shrub, Vine, Groundcover Problem

Tree Fruit & Small Fruit Problem

Vegetable Problem

Insect, Spider & Plant Identification

Insect Identification

Plant Identification

Spider Identification

Tick Identification

Tick Identification


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Horticulture Consultant

Last updated July 11, 2024