potato field

Potato field in bloom.


Local lettuce waiting to be harvested.


This will be a good year for wine!


Suffolk County, Long Island is one of New York’s most important agricultural regions. Well-drained, glacial soils, a maritime climate with abundant sunshine and proximity to markets throughout the NY metropolitan region make Long Island an ideal location for over 100 different crops. Suffolk County, the eastern 2/3 of Long Island, is ranked first statewide in the wholesale value of crops thanks to thriving greenhouse, nursery, sod, potato, vegetable and winegrape industries. Suffolk County is also ranked first in sales of aquaculture, poultry and egg products. This diversity offers residents and visitors a wide range of products and agri-tourism activities to enjoy.

Established in 1917, the Agriculture Program was Cornell Cooperative Extension’s original mandate and continues today with specialists that have a wide range of expertise. Farmers face many challenges including a changing climate, rising costs, labor shortages, stiff competition and environmental stewardship. The CCE Agriculture Program staff helps to address these challenges through targeted research and innovative educational opportunities. The partnership between farmers and CCE will ensure the economic and environmental sustainability of the agricultural industries on Long Island for many years to come.


Agriculture Program

Last updated January 19, 2023