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Pest Management & Turf

The pest management program for Suffolk County properties was created as part of the Pesticide Phase Out Program for Suffolk County. We work with our CAC committee to discuss alternatives to pesticides, discuss our research and demonstration efforts and to provide a vehicle for exemptions to the phase out law should a pest problem prove overwhelming. The far reaching scope of our program is to find alternatives to pesticides on Suffolk County properties and to provide as part of our services scouting, pest identification, pest education, educational resources and outreach. We cover such diverse areas on county properties as golf turf, structural pests, regular turf, sports fields, rodents, weeds and integrated vegetation management, stinging insects, bedbugs, ticks, fertilizer education and much more. Visit our IPM factsheets, and download our apps for additional information, or speak to one of us directly!

Last updated August 19, 2021