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Summer 2023 Fisheries Quarterly Newsletter is available

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Image by Mike Patricio

Peconic Bay Scallop

Atlantic silversides.
Image by Christopher Pickerell

Atlantic silversides are important prey items for larger predatory fish and shorebirds.

monkfish tail

Delicious Local Fish • Monkfish • See our Fisheries Webpages

horseshoe crab

Horseshoe Crab Monitoring Network

Lady crab in a Peconic Estuary eelgrass meadow.
Image by Kimberly Manzo

A lady crab protects her clutch in a Peconic Estuary eelgrass meadow.

Image by Kimberly Manzo

Oysters are one of the species of shellfish raised by CCE's Aquaculture Program.

stormwater water quality

Stormwater/Water Quality

fisheries trawler


Winter flounder in a Long Island Sound eelgrass meadow.

A winter flounder swims through a Long Island Sound eelgrass meadow.

CCE Marine


Our waters are an integral part of life for us, making Long Island a desirable place to live. The Marine Program, which became part of CCE Suffolk in 1985, is known and respected nationally and internationally. Its mission is to protect our waters, providing a clean environment for our fish, fowl, and plants.

Our researchers and educator inform Long Islanders how we can each do our part to safeguard our environment. Projects have been designed to bring back our once thriving eelgrass and shellfish populations, ensure our commercial fishing industry continues to thrive while limiting bycatch, provide public education about the environmental consequences of stormwater runoff, and introduce our young people to marine sciences and marine life on Long Island.

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Want to volunteer for CCE Marine?
Contact  Hazel Wodehouse for more information. 


Darci Bielenda
Marine Program Sr. Administrative Assistant SCMELC
631-852-8660 ext. 21

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