Native Horticulture Resources

Long Island Native Plant Initiative, Inc.Have you ever thought about what grew here on Long Island long before you were here? What spring bulbs, grasses, summer flowers, berries and autumn edibles were living on our whale-shaped and much-loved island home centuries before the first Europeans stepped on its shores? Look out of your window. Do you know which trees were changing color as indigenous families were going about their daily tasks – fishing, collecting oysters, and preparing meals, fashioning clothes for the coming winter, or just taking in the late autumn sun?

Beautiful flowers, rich grasses, abundant berries, fruits and vegetables, and trees used for building and fashioning tools grew abundantly throughout all of Long Island. Today many gardeners are interested in planting with native plants because of the wildlife they attract and support, and of course, the beauty they provide. We encourage you to celebrate the people who called Long Island home for thousands of years by learning about and planting something native. 

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Last updated May 25, 2021