boxwood leaf miner
Image by Dan Gilrein, CCE Suffolk

Trials include alternatives for control of boxwood leafminer and other important pests.

pear tree with pheromone tie
Image by Dan Gilrein, CCE Suffolk

The twist tie releases a pheromone that controls oriental fruit moth without insecticides.

lady bug
Image by Dan Gilrein, CCE Suffolk

Preserving biological controls and minimizing impact on non-target organisms is important.


The Entomology Program supports economic and environmental health of Long Island's agriculture and ornamental horticulture industries with applied research, technical information, advice, diagnostic services and educational programs concerning insect and mite pests, pest management, and biological control in agricultural production and professional landscape maintenance situations.

The three main focus areas are:

Applied research addresses regional questions and problems concerning insect and mite management on ornamental plants, vegetables, and fruit. Effective pest control options of lower toxicity and environmental impact are emphasized with particular interest in ground and surface water protection.

Diagnostic services for horticultural industries and public entities identify agents causing injury or infestation and suggest appropriate management options. The Diagnostic Laboratory also screens for invasive or new pests, receiving commercial samples as well as conducting field visits, phone and email consultations. The Program provides a gateway to national entomological expertise in taxonomy and identification where necessary for difficult determinations and to confirm new and invasive pests or biotypes.

Educational programs disseminate useful information on new pest management products and technologies, pests and pest control issues, invasive species, and management strategies. Training programs are also provided for new growers and professionals as well as experienced practitioners. Media includes illustrated lectures, articles in trade magazines and newsletters, fact sheets, web-based content and informal discussions.


Dan Gilrein
Entomology / Associate AG Program Director

Last updated April 26, 2022