Health Center

Camper Health Forms 

The NYS Department of Health requires a current and complete health profile on every camper. You will complete a health history during registration. After registration you will need to log into your Peconic Dunes account to upload: 

  • Immunization record (only medical exemptions accepted) 
  • Allergy plan (if your child has a life-threatening allergy) 
  • Medication Authorization Form  (for inhalers and epi-pens only) 

To upload the Immunization Record and Medication Authorization Form, log into your Peconic Dunes account, select additional options then document center. Uploading forms is the same process as attaching a file to an email…it’s easy! 

IMPORTANT: The New York State Department of Health prohibits the camp from admitting children with missing or incomplete medical forms. All health forms are due by May 1st.

First Aid 

A number of camp staff will be certified in first and CPR. These staff will be able to provide basic treatment for bumps, scrapes and ouches. 

Only epi pens or inhalers are permitted in camp. Campers must be able to self-carry and self-administer their medication. These medications must be accompanied by a Peconic Dunes Sea Adventures Medication Authorization form. These forms need to be uploaded to your account and a physical copy must accompany the medications. Camp is not responsible for medication that is lost or stolen. 

Camper Illness or Injury Parents are usually not notified if their child is treated for minor medical concerns such as cuts or scratches. Parents are notified by phone:

  • If a camper becomes ill with a fever of 100.4oF or above, or is vomiting, has diarrhea, or respiratory difficulty, in which case, they will be asked to pick their child up. 
  • If their camper requires medical treatment that cannot be provided by camp staff


Brittany Emig
Peconic Dunes 4-H Camp Program Manager

Last updated February 8, 2023