4-H Public Presentation

Youth from Suffolk County participate in District Public Presentations.

4-H Public Presentation

Youth have to qualify at the Club and County levels to proceed.

4-H Public Presentation

As each level progresses the presentations become more challenging.

4-H Public Presentation

Youth are presenting to a "moving audience."

4-H Public Presentation

Many of our youth qualify to move on to the State level at the NY State Fair in Syracuse.

Public Presentations

What are Public Presentations?

Leadership in local communities often falls to those individuals who are confident in speaking before a group and who can clearly express their ideas. National studies and reports, on the transition of youth to adulthood, indicated that youth need positive experiences, useful life skills, and to contribute to society. The Public Presentation program is often credited by 4-H alumni as having given them an edge above peers in both college and professional careers.

In doing 4-H public presentations, youth learn about the varied purposes of presentations and how to tailor their presentations appropriately to fit their intentions. Youth choose a topic of their choice, do the research, and put it all together to create a 5-15 minute presentation. They then present in front of an audience and 2 evaluators who are scoring them based on a list of standards for their introduction, subject matter, knowledge and overall presentation.

Levels of Presentations:

Level I - Club presentations.

4-H members are encouraged to prepare and present their 4-H presentation in front of their primary 4-H Club. The presentation is not formally evaluated but rather used as practice to prepare for 4-H County Presentations. 

Level II - County event.

4-H members present in front of trained volunteer evaluators in a classroom style setting. The focus is more on developing confidence rather than competition, though presenters may be selected to advance to 4-H District Presentations.

Level III - District event.

Selected 4-H members from Southeast Counties take part in this event. Presentations are given in a public setting to trained volunteer evaluators. Numerical scores given by evaluators, and participation certificates are awarded immediately after the event.

Preparing for Public Presentations

Last updated January 30, 2024